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RK surveyors & Infratech

RK Surveyors and Infratech is are owned and prestigious name in Indian Surveying Industry. We are dedicated to providing hi-tech technological solutions for various kinds of surveying requirements of our clients.

We are a team of technology enthusiasts. Our main objective is to accomplish all sorts of surveying projects either big or small with complete precision. We gladly incorporate technological solutions, which we realize can improve the quality and productivity of the services we deliver. By this time, we make use of Drones, LiDAR and various other Engineering solutions to give accurate results to our customers.

Since our commencement, we have proved to be pretty successful in accomplishing significant projects of our esteemed clients. We have renovated ourselves in such a way that we meet the requirements of modern surveying practice. With the immense expertise of our team members and the unwavering support from our valued customers, we have been able to successfully trek one step forward towards our goal.Today, RK Surveyors and Infratech has become a pioneer in the surveying industry with a large client base and an ever-expanding operational area.

As a company, we are ethical and professional. We always strive to provide the type of services that not only meets but exceed our customer’s expectations.

Services We Offer

Data Collection

Data Processing



Mobile LiDAR Deliverable

Drone Deliverable

Total Station Deliverable

DGPS Survey

RK Surveyors and Infratech is the top-notch DGPS Survey service provider across the nation. Our veteran survey team is well-equipped with state-of-the-art measuring equipment, allowing us to provide the best possible service for any project.
Differential Global Position System is an improved form of Global Positioning System that provides location accuracy revolving around 15 meters to 10 cm.

LiDAR Survey

LiDAR, ‘Light Detection And Ranging’ works by firing a laser from a sensor or scanner. It provides a quick and efficient way to collect data sets of power lines, construction projects, forest inventory, stockpile measurements, etc. At RK Surveyors and Infratech, we have been using Lidar technology for many applications including wind turbine inspections and other projects.

Drone Survey

With time, Drones have emerged as a powerful tool for surveying and mapping industry. It has improved the way companies work. Besides this, they have tremendously increased the efficiencies of projects by minimizing their accomplishment time from days and weeks to hours, without sacrificing data quality.

Engineering Surveying

At RK Surveyors and Infratech,  our team offers high quality, accurate and detailed Engineering Surveying services to our clients. Due to our meticulous efforts and extreme diligence, we successfully manage to timely complete numerous complex projects. We make use of cutting-edge technological tools to discover the minutest flaw in any of the Engineering Processes.

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